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Глубокий химический пилинг для лица

John Conway's Game of Life

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Реализация «Тетриса» в игре «Жизнь» / Хабрахабр

Love the roadmap. If you implement all that I’ll be a great game. One more thing from me to add to that list would be improved water graphics and dynamics. Looking forward to buy the game.

The Game of Life — программа симуляции игры «Жизнь»

You’re still continuing to amaze me with your excellent progress in this wonderful game of yours but a point of information for you. I noticed you using the term “Crop Interchanging”. In English, this is referred to amongst farmers as “Crop Rotation”.

ok so my comment keeps getting removed? after only asking for the game to be updated/when it will be updated? shows what dev thiinks i guess?

and i really can’t wait to play ostriv. keep up the great work and hope it will be finished sooner than the deadline.
thanks and cheers bro 🙂

Glad you got it going Thomas. You’re right, it’s a great game. I’m sure I’ll be playing it for years to come. A shame I didn’t have it on my laptop during my 9 week stay in hospital, it would have stopped me going stir crazy. 🙂

With complete radio silence for a month now (even on the Twitter channel) I’m slowly beginning to lose hope.
Is this project doomed as well – I hope not, but only time will tell.

I found a problem with the new patch. That, people will leave and rehire very fast which makes some buildings not finish their work task. Example, the farms and cow sheds also with others that are key for the city

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You can already plant trees. Pick the Pine tree (best for building) and by holding down the shift key you can plant them anywhere you like. I use Birch trees in town to give shade and fill in the pieces of land where you can’t build due to it’s small size. Plant them alongside tracks, it makes the town greener. I recall seeing Katherine of Sky planting tree in the house’s gardens, but I can’t plant them, “the land is occupied”