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i have done everything in the installation process yet the mod does not show up in my game
all my other mods are working too?

The Lord of the Rings Mod (Explore Middle Earth, Choose

Depending on the biome, dungeons will be filled with these mobs, and sometimes weak armored mobs(leather,chain, or iron armor) will patrol their biome.

[] Better Dungeons Mod Download | Minecraft Forum

Hey guys, crazy season coming!! Super busy with the move to Florida though so I am not sure if it will go up for download any time soon. Here is a full list of the mods though, so you can download them!! This may be updated a few times in the series!

This mod contains a version checker.

Warning: If you are running the mod on a Cauldron (MCPC+) server, you may experience bugs, crashes or other failures that are not my fault. Please see here for an explanation of why this is not my fault, and why I cannot really do anything to fix it.


The Exterminator prototype : its one of the biggest secrets of dwarves, you can find it at the end of their dungeons. But it is a prototype, may not work very well.

This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth Mod or The Mod ), excepting any and all characters, locations, etc. or other trademarks, which are the intellectual property of the Tolkien Estate, Warner Bros. Entertainment, or other related entities, is the property of the Mod author (Mevans, henceforth Owner or The Owner ). It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. The Mod is intended as a tribute to the Lord of the Rings and the world of Middle-earth and the Owner makes no claim upon the Lord of the Rings or any associated trademarks of the Tolkien Estate, Warner Bros. Entertainment, or other related entities, nor does he affiliate himself with them in any way.

Taiga: Zombies : corpses in descomposition state, they follow their liche master orders, and are looking for brains! their special unit is a liche.(base armor index 7)

I have big problems,when i download the file and drag the chocolatequest -file,and open minecraft everything is OK,but when i join or create a world it crashes!!! everytime,why,i have even tried it with only the bd mod!what am i doing wrong here,please help me!!!

Dogs: An alternative to wolves, they act the same way, except that you can breed them(use wheat), you can’t attack them, and they have a chance of become the target of the attacked monster instead of allways.

The Ranger Malvegil is developing a plugin for Not Enough Items (NEI) for use with the Lord of the Rings Mod, that shows crafting recipes on Middle-earth tables, barrel brewing recipes, and other recipes from the mod. Thanks, Malvegil!