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Updated Big Reactors to
Updated CoFHCore to
Updated ComputerCraft to
Updated Logistics Pipes to
Updated MobiusCore to
Updated OpenBlocks to
Updated OpenModsLib to
Updated OpenPeropheralCore to
Updated OpenPeropheralAddons to
Updated Opus to
Updated ThermalExpansion to /> Updated Waila to

Config Changes
-Removed OpenBlocks Golden Egg

-Set Thermal Expansion ItemDucts to destroy any items from stuffed ducts above 87.

Скачать мод на новую механику сна Faster Sleeping для

i'm quit a noob in this sort of things and i couldn't find any other information about faillures in minecraft . Hopefully you can help me out. thanks in advance.

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Link6789Gamer [Coder/Leader]
_Phantom (Go sub' to him on PMC)[Texture guy/Co-Leader]

But.. the server console told me that he couldn't load file because of an invalid , as you can see below

Aroma6997Core a mod required by most of Aroma6997’s mods, so you should install it, if you want to run any other of Aroma6997’s mods. This is a library and it mostly contains functions that I use in my other mods. This mod on itself doesn’t do that much. All it does right now is:

Jumpscares and animations such as dancing at day are planned. Freddy Fazbear himself is fully animated, as of v65, but comes along with a few bugs which will be patched. The mod is ALSO fully dependent on ObsidianAPI made by our special guest, DaBigJoe, to work as of this version. Link to download it is above!
This mod is currently still being worked on, we'll upload a new version when major things are done.
This mod is for Minecraft , which means we will NOT do + versions since this API and AI we use is for ONLY.

A) Somnia is a mod which aims to make sleeping in Minecraft more realistic. In vanilla Minecraft, sleeping causes Minecraft to skip to the next day, leaving the world in it's original state as though nothing had happened throughout the night. Whereas, with Somnia, the world is simulated while the player sleeps so that by morning the world has progressed as though the time had actually passed. This will mean that furnaces will continue to smelt ores, mobs will spawn and despawn and machines such as quarries from other mods will also run.

Hey everyone! This is _ShadowLink_ here, an apprentice modeler for the mod. While the beta version we have uploaded currently only has Funtime Foxy, do not be afraid! We are working very hard and actively on development of this mod. Jumpscares are being added soon, (the first one will be someone you may not expect at first, keep an eye on my YouTube channel for mod reviews) and we also have a very special new character in the mod as well! She can dance, she can sing, she can dispense ice cream, and she can inflate balloons from her fingertips.

A graphical user interface for WorldEdit. WorldEditCUI is designed to assist in using WorldEdit, as well as preventing accidental errors.

Note that this is currently at an early alpha stage. Be prepared for some world incompatible changes, frequent mod updates, additions or removal.