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However, they're ambushed by Ronin, who knocks them out using the Forge of Lightning. Zane and Dareth awaken, left alone with the Forges of Fire and Ice still in their possession, and quickly find, outside of the Vault of Ice, Ronin, who is slowly burying the others alive using the Forge of Earth. Ronin demands they give him the final Forge, and Dareth, formulating a plan, takes the Forges of Fire and Ice.

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With his plans squandered, Ronin calls . and escapes on it, only for a massive ethereal arm, heavily implied to be the Soul Archer, to reach out for him. Terrified, Ronin narrowly escapes its grasp, even as the Cursed Realm portal begins to collapse, sucking the arm back inside. Gloating over his narrow escape, Ronin flies off, leaving the Ninja to be destroyed in the collapse of the Dimensional Space.

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Jay interrupts, revealing the whole ordeal to be a story, pointing out the several inconsistencies in Kai's story. Though bemused by the story, the Ninja —save Lloyd, who is recuperating from the death of his father alone—are assigned to continue training on Master Wu 's orders, with Dareth revealing a class of adult students he had managed to find. Wu is initially wary of the students, and rightfully so, when they attack the Ninja with the intent to destroy, revealing themselves to be members of a mercenary group, the Dark Samurai.

Heading towards the Glacier Barrens and battling several Treehorns on the way, they arrive in the Ice Fortress. Battling several brainwashed Hypnobrai, they head into the central chamber, where they claim the Obsidian Sais, restoring Zane's memory and his control over Ice. However, they're attacked by the Ice Serpent, and after defeating it, head outside to recuperate.

Combining their powers, the Ninja destroy the Primal Fulcrum, the resulting explosion closing the portal to the Cursed Realm and scattering the Obsidian Weapons. As a result, the Dimensional Space falls apart, throwing the Ninja back into Ninjago and destroying the Obsidian Weapons left behind. Even as they reconcile over their survival and victory, Kai realizes, to his amusement, that Jay has lost his pants in the process.

Nya and Master Wu tend to the Ninja, who wake up and are shocked by the events going on around them, namely Nya's presence, with Kai remarking that Samukai had kidnapped her, and Zane being mystified by his titanium form. Master Wu, horrified, manages to calm the ninja down and explains that they had their memories stolen by the mysterious weapon, the Obsidian Glaive. Likewise, they have lost several of their abilities, as they have no memory of unlocking their True Potential.

The Ninja clash with Ronin, who uses the Forge of Fire to empower his mech with Fire. Destroying the mech, the Ninja discover the Forge of Fire's energy being depleted as a result, and Ronin recreates his mech, summoning the power of Ice this time. Ultimately, the Ninja defeat the mech's Ice and Lightning forms, depleting two of the Forges and leaving only the Forge of Earth to power the Primal Fulcrum. Using the Tornado of Creation, they shatter Ronin's weakened elemental mech and destroy the Forge of Earth, enraging him.

In the Dimensional Space, they confront Ronin, who is charging the Primal Fulcrum in order to open a portal to the Cursed Realm and free Chen and the Cultists. Noticing the depleted Forges, Master Wu comes to the conclusion the crystals are now weak enough to destroy. Unwilling to let the Ninja stop his plans, Ronin summons upon the power of the Elemental Forges, forming a massive elemental statue around him, clashing with the protagonists.

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Master Wu identifies the crystal as the Lightning Forge, one of four Elemental Forges that hold massive power. Realizing Ronin is after the rest of the Forges, Master Wu tasks the team to split up to recover the Forges of Ice and Fire. Hearing of Zane's memories about Ronin's involvement with Master Chen, Wu realizes that Chen, having foreseen his banishment to the Cursed Realm, had left Ronin directions on freeing him and the Anacondrai Cultists by using the Elemental Forges should the event ever happen.