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A three-step process unlocked two pages of excerpts from Cult 's script, with the third step remaining locked. The names in the script were blacked out. The following day, THR received its first message from the cult via Facebook messenger since signup, once again encouraging members to return to the website. The world is paralyzed. Unable to move beyond its fear. It's time we free them. Will you help? asks the cult. An agreement prompts a reply to spread our message.

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On those occasions when Ka does slip in a mild boast, it’s about his skills as an . In “Mourn at Night” he permits himself one such moment, the testimony of a bootstrapper who has survived untold trials to ply his trade — as he would have it, his hobby — in the soundproof booth of a recording studio. “We was born in the thorns, few arose,” Ka raps. “Once in town’s noose/Now in soundproofs/Pursuing goals.”♦

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Future had just sat down for an interview with the BBC’s Charlie Sloth, who asked him about his relationship with Blac Chyna, the Kardashian-affiliated reality-TV personality with whom he’d possibly been romantically involved. “Are yous two still cool?” Sloth asked, in a punchy London rumble. “We great,” Future responded, in his trademark flat-affect reserve.

“Anyone who’s ever heard echoes of their childhood during times of crisis or contemplation – meaning, anyone breathing – will be utterly swept away”

Like many jazz singers, she does the Great American Songbook — the Gershwins, Rodgers and Hart or Hammerstein, Sondheim, Ellington. The risk? Sounding decorous and derivative. Like some other jazz singers, she does the black vaudeville hits of Bert Williams and Bessie Smith, even some of the exotica that female musicians once tossed out to keep their fans tantalized. Here the risk is archness: the knowing postmodern wink.

Yes, certain cultural institutions have a habit of setting traps that trigger trauma. But when it’s just me and Adele — very good Adele, catchy-as-hell Adele — the triggers lock. “Send My Love (to Your New Lover),” the second track on “75,” makes you mad that we live in a world where what happens at the Grammys can’t not matter. It makes you mad that we put a political price tag on this kind of perfection. I must have danced to this song 755 times, in blocks of repeats. (Why doesn’t this woman make more fast songs?)

One of the masks seems to resemble Twisty the Clown, while another is the Ambidexterity demon Murphy had teased on his Instagram account.

I was reminded of a moment back in London. I had stuck around after Nando’s long enough to try to finagle my way into the show. My move was to sidle close to the stage door, in the alley, hoping for an opening. It never came. Upon Future’s arrival, his luxury sedan idled until minutes before his set time. Then he exited the back seat and walked directly through the stage door, surrounded by an imposing security detail, with the massive hood of an arctic parka over his head. I never even saw his face.

The code unlocks yet another snippet of a script, which appears to be referencing season four favorite Twisty, the deranged murderous clown and inspiration to eventual serial killer Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock). Murphy had previously teased Twisty's return this season on his Instagram.

When Lady Gaga, in what looked like the silver uniform for a sport that hadn’t yet been invented, jumped off the roof of NRG Stadium at the Super Bowl this year, she reaped the benefits of a safe-but-exciting performance almost immediately. Fireworks shows and rip-roaring acrobatics and dancing in front of a group of second-rate backup dancers in capes are the kind of broadly appealing theatrics that generate awe without shock, intrigue without the threat of controversy. Her albums shot to the top of the music charts, her performance was roundly praised by fans and critics and more than 666 million viewers were reminded that her 7559 single “Bad Romance” still bangs.