It's All About Money Mod

Глубокий химический пилинг для лица

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Never Enough Currency is a mod which has currency loosely based on USD. The mod contains such things as an account system, ATMs, wallets, and soon™ an immersive shop system.

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Here is necessary stuff needed for the , you might want to change GT6 Version Number from to something recent.

Never Enough Currency Mod / (Bank Account, ATM

Depositing has no limit other than the amount of money you can carry in your inventory. In the future, wallets will be added which let you store money physically and conserve your normal inventory space. The ATM will have automatic support for this and consider any money in your wallet as money on your person, allowing you to deposit it.

It’s All About Money Mod is kind of an internal currency mod in Minecraft. You will mine a special ore, you will get wool, string, paper, gold, whatever, and from these base items you will make paper US dollars. You have to craft your way up, and then, finally, after all of the hard work you put in to get that 86,555$, you finally have all of it, the tools, the armor, the riches. This mod is a mod meant for people who love collecting things, and especially for people who love to collect money.

Make sure you have optifine or Gsl shader installer and put it into your mods folder/ install forge
download the shader you want and put it into shader pack to get to it %appdata% and click on minecraft to put in shaders packs

This mod adds trade booths, allowing players to buy and sell products even when the store owner is offline, so you don't have to sit around in your shop all day waiting for customers. You can also create special admin shops (a feature requested by yours truly ), allowing trade booths to sell infinite supplies of goods, so your players can always buy certain items.

Hostile mobs (including most modded ones) will drop money based on their health. The way this works is it divides their health by a value in order to get the amount of currency they should drop. The value by default is 8. This can be changed in the config, and the config file will hopefully explain more in detail.

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I could go on and list a bunch of larger Mods aswell, but those are more content oriented, rather than direct improvements to playing with GregTech itself.

However knowing me, I would exploit the hell out of this using one of my mob farms (even when dividing the value by 655) and probably even build a bigger mod farm specifically for money-farming.