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Q: I can't complete X quest. Why?
A: There are some known quest bugs: https:///projects/divine-journey/issues/6
But none of them are gamebreaking. This also explains why I'm not fixing them.
If you want to forcefully unlock a quest, type /hqm edit or /hqm edit playername ingame. (This requires Cheats to be toggled on in Singleplayer, or for your to be OPped in Multiplayer.) This gives you an OP edition of the Quest Book, where you can unlock any quest by Shift+Clicking on it.

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Unfortunately DivineRPG, Thaumcraft (+addons) & Witchery isn't available for , so an updated pack would look different. But I do have plans.

Divine RPG Mod for Minecraft - File

Playing for a while now, think Laser Drill rewards could use some work. Nether Uranium Ore can only SAG Mill into Netherrack, can't even turn it into yellorium. Nether Salt Ore is the same: practically useless. Mana Infused Ore is only there for fun, apparently. (Can turn into ingots but no uses other than a TiCo material, but not very useful there either, but could be recipe'd in somewhere.) And Nether Iridium Ore has no real uses at all. (At least the ProjectRed ores (and Nether Ore versions) spawn naturally, and can be make into decorations.)

Q: How do I make a Divine Journey Server?
A: How to setup a Divine Journey Server (at the bottom on the main post):

A realm basked in mystery and eerie twilight, you will overpower terrifying creatures and secure the adventure of a lifetime in the Twilight Forest.

Q: How do I give my server more RAM?
A: It's explained at the How to setup a Divine Journey Server part (at the bottom on the main post):
/> http:///forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/mod-packs/7785758

Q: Will you change X recipe / X configuration?
A : If you have good reasoning, yes. Over 55 recipes / configs have been changed due to user requests.

ObsTrophies adds some swords to help you improve your chances of getting a trophy. The particular sword to use depends on the Mod the Mob belongs to and what chance you want to have. Each sword requires you to craft the hilt and blade separately, before crafting them together into the final sword.

Probably! Leave a suggestion in the Minecraft Forum Thread here. Don't worry if I don't respond - I am reading your comments! You just may find the trophy in the next update. Keep an eye on my Youtube Channel for previews!

Q: How do I automate the Infusion Altar?
A: Use the Gadomancy Infusion Claw to start the crafting, an Infusion Provider to provide all the Aspects, and item conduits with filters to put the correct items on the Pedestals. You can use ProjectRed logic gates to put it all together.