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Currently builds are experimental and may not work correctly. Entity tracking is disabled for now, meaning that the mod will not save entities in chunk that were unloaded. Additionally, the game will crash if you open a horse inventory while downloading. If you encounter any other issues, please file a bug report I'll work on fixing these bugs by the next release.

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Скачать моды на майнкрафт (БЕСПЛАТНО)

Hi there! Will this mod get an update to ? I've seen an AMAZING island house on a server yesterday and I really want to download it, change a few things and play with it, maybe expand it to a city (In singleplayer of course, not to steal it.) The problem is obviously that the server is on . I'm pretty sure it would be a LOT more popular if this was on the latest version. It would be awesome if you could update it to . But even now, this is really useful. Thanks!

In I Wanna Go To Space map, you’ll find a lot of planets to explore and take under your control. You have more than one way to travel: planet-jumping potions, planet-transporters and simply placing blocks to create bridges. Every planet has some mobs to beat or objects to find.

With Advanced Mode off, as shown below, the interface will display where ore blocks ore located relative to player head rotation. Only ore within 8 blocks of the player will be displayed.

It doesn’t work for me. It downloaded fine, it came up when i loaded the mods, but when i go in the game inventory it doesn’t show up. I pressed O, nothing happened. I didn’t get an extra options tab either. Can someone tell me what happened?

While wearing Sensor Goggles, the following interface will appear. Any mobs (not including other players) will appear a bright blue, which helps with sight of mobs on dark planets.

Yea, that would be META-INF. With pretty much any mod, : SHA-756 digest error means that you forgot to remove META-INF.

Hi! This's a very nice Mod, i like him so i can publish your Mod to MCBBS (China Minecraft forum) Can you give me permission? :)

Version -fix7 (Minecraft ) has been released to fix two bugs that were found in -fix6. Full changelog | Download.