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[Addon ] BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft Crossover Mod [SSP

ВНИМАНИЕ! Не удаляйте папку META-INF в minecraft_ Версии IC 7 установленные на сервер и клиент должны совпадать.

Клиент Minecraft с модами BuildCraft и IndustrialCraft 2

Do you remember the feel when you added IC to vanilla Minecraft? Then think about what happens if you add an Addon to IC! Check this forum for modding the mod.

IndustrialCraft 2 - Feed The Beast Wiki

Some general informations about the rules, news and other things that could be usefull. But you talk here about the forum as well.

Interesting, took me a bit to figure out exactly what the Add-on did since the OP is fairly vague. But mostly it works like the Energy Coupler Add-on (from what I can tell) only you use EU to run another generator.
The Oil Materializer and Petrol Generator are nice though

Вот решил сделать клиент с самыми популярными модами для Minecraft . Все моды которые находятся в сборке: ModLoader , ModLoaderMP , Minecraft forge , Industrial Craft 7 , BuildCraft .

Small Note
*things with a ? at the end may or may not be true, typing this while Player and ThunderDark are AFK in the Dev IRC so not entirely sure :8

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If you go to the minefactory reloaded page, they already have a way to convert BC and IC7 into each others energy as well as a oil fabricator.

Pretty much IC power to BC power and BC Power to IC Power. It sounds like your mod does that and I assume done the math and etc. Problem is if you feed a quarry with 567 EU it will eat 567 without capping and of course not speeding up like say a mass fabicator does. Or you can run like a batbox and feed it at 87EU and use the same energy. Kind of sucks in a way. So I was just wondering if yours did any kind real caps to not bleed energy or maybe your mods not even like that period hehe.

You have been warned. Recipes have changed, functions have been added! A whole bunch of HAYOish features for you and your engineering buddies to play with too! Breed some Plutonium and ITNT, shove it in a nuke and blow up the surounding landscape, or just mine it out with cool rechargable drills! Threaten creepers with your deadly Mining-Laser ™ or defend your home from brain eating zombies with a flashing glow stick super sparkly NanoSaber ™ ! Go Eco and proclaim yourself an Environment-friend builder and use Solar panels, Windmills or decide to be the opposite, fueling CO7 producing Semifluid Generators!