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Une fois l’un de ces blocs dans un tamis, répétez plusieurs cliques droit dessus ou maintenez simplement le clique droit, et POUF, votre bloc sera tamisé et vous obtiendrez un objet au hasard, plus ou moins rare !

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idk if this has been reported or fixed already but then shows up quite a few times in the latest of sky factory 8 ( )

Ex Nihilo The Skyblock Companion Mod ( not yet)

Why don't you try chilling out and not being a dick head. Have you ever tried to port a mod from one version to another? It's not a simple process especially from to the newer versions. If you really cared you would be following the Github and know that InsaneAU is working hard on it and that it will be out soon. If that's not good enough for you try writing your own mod. However I suspect you can't do that, so shut the hell up with your rude comments and wait patiently, will be out when it's ready to be out. Jackass

I tried everything but the ore-,,Pieces/Chunks are not installed NotEnoughItems to see the items but there arent any of the ore,,Pieces/Chunks.

Modpacks are downloaded in a similar way as single mods, but here you'll get a zip file instead of a jar archive (which is by the way technically a zip file with a Java ending). Place this file in a folder named modpacks. Now all the mods, textures, structures, scripts,. of the pack should be installed on restart. Remember that for changes having effect you always have to restart!

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If you really, REALLY, R!E!A!L!L!Y! want a Skyblock mod, find MCreator or some other mod creator program and make your own. It's dead straightforward.

I consider this mod feature-complete, barring some mod integrations, particularly relating to ore-doubling mechanics. These will be added Soon (TM)

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