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Глубокий химический пилинг для лица

CloneCraft [] MC - Adds NPC humans for superior

Hey so i was playing and my friend joined via lan and it wont allow him to talk to people any suggestions and my lil bro says there are commands for these and i found them in help but i dont understand them

Custom NPCs Minecraft Mod

Now you can build your own true RPG worlds and packs with Better Questing and Custom NPCs working together! Would you take up the challenge to make a full MMORPG in Minecraft?

Overview - Better Questing - NPC Integration - Mods - Projects

i watched lots of youtubers use this mod and im excited but i hate how u need a computer monitor code to play and download

Could anyone provide a text based tutorial of the mod? I haven’t yet figured out how to actually use it in game yet, though I’m very interested. I can’t watch the videos.

hello, so this is a great mod but i notice that sometimes (usually) whenever i put my crosshairs on a npc (whenever i look at them) a glitch happens where i can see all the underground caves and everything. it’s quite annoying. and im not sure how to fix it. i’ve tried downloding from other places and everything but they just crashed my game. this download has got me the closest to the game actually working.

I have a comment!!! The people doesn’t exactly farm althrough-out the hired time. They start farming, then stop moving, and doesn’t go to sleep. Hunting makes the person disappear also (but returns at night). There are “missingshakehandchildthingy” also. It would be best that they farm on their own and does stuff without hiring them. Plus the guards keep popping up even when not spawned! Try to make it realistic, not confusing.
They seem to be quick tempered too.

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Alongside NPCs and the quests, you can also add a multitude of stuff in Custom NPCs Mod, which includes things such as new weapons like daggers, spears, tridents, glaives, maces, battle axes and so on. This is also a mode where you can use bullets, machine guns and a wide range of other items you will like for sure.

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Люди добрые,плиз хелп,поставил мод на сервак,но для того,чтобы создать NPC,нужно разрешить мод на серваке,типа,у вас нет прав для не нашел Permission для разрешения,но и если логически решить,то создание нпс не с помощью команды,а предметом,и разрешать как-бы нечего,короче,кто может подскажите что мне с pex'ом делать,или в config'e самого мода,буду очень признателен.