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some of the mobs in this mod, such as “withered bonny” are invisible, which is really annoying because 6 time I had spawned in Withered Bonny and he went invisible and I thought I’d killed him. and then when I tried to fight SpringTrap, Withered Bonny jump scared me

[] Five Nights at Freddy's Mod : UPDATED!

and he also missed the toy freddy takes the black eye it and the toy freddy is greater than it is and it is more clear what you did freddy destroyed fezbear called withered freddy

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hey Cody really big fan I am 65 and I liked all of your videos and you are the most awesome person on YouTube. and my favorite series on your channel are the maze runner, dream craft, Jurassic craft, crusader craft, and the five nights at Freddy’s escape challenge. I even made the Darth penguin T shirt into a poster. and if you want me to make you anything I can do it even if it’s a statue of yourself I can do it. now it may seem I am too but I have invented and rebuilt things. I always wish I could play your mods but I cant because I don’t have the right laptop. so yeah if you want me to make something for the ATLANTIC CRAFT I can do it. and to ALL THE ATLANTIANS TELL THEM TO ALL UNIGHT

Thanks for fixing download, but i dont have the puppet master. I looked through the spawn eggs, but he didn’t appear. I downloaded the JAVA version btw.

It wont work for me when I install it there are no models on the mobs accept there are models on Joe Freddy Mangle and Balloon Boy. The rest of the mobs don’t have models I

Well alex they will add all the mobs the only mob who has a problem that needs to be fix is golden freddy how ironic on how minecraft FNAF mod and the real fnaf game both have a big problem about golden freddy and eduardo it a real nice game so try and see if its not good cuz its awesome for others

Add vent blocks that the animatronics can crawl through in FNAF 7 and 8 Also ad a controle panal with the audio vidio and ventalation error that you conect with the vents to spawn in the phantom mobs ps baloon boy dose not kill you and the phantoms just play a jump scare.

playton888 here add the music box and the puppets present so whene you forget the musac box the pupet will slowly rise up and run to you

Also make it so when purple guy is at 5 or lower health you get to do the mini game in FNaF 8 where you scare him and he goes into the suit! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

ATLANTICCRAFT help im confused…..when u get this mod do u get the pizzeria with it? or just the caraters and u have to build your own..