How to Turn Your iPhone or Android Device Into a Remote Camera

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The Seek Thermal Infrared Camera for iPhone and Android | WIRED

On the Android side, Alfred is probably the easiest to use since it already has its own browser version that supports both Google Chrome and FireFox — you just need to log in with the same account info used in the app. Unfortunately, WardenCam doesn’t currently offer a PC or Mac component.

Baby Monitor 3G for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac

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Best Baby Monitor | Video Nanny Cam App - iPhone Android | Smart

With this puppy cam app, you can completely control your Furbo device at home, no matter where you happen to be. With the pet monitor app, you can use your Apple or Android device to:

Supported Cameras
• FUJIFILM FinePix XP755
• FUJIFILM FinePix S8955W
Smartphone System Requirements
• iPhone/iPad/iPod touch : Requires iOS or later
• Android Smartphone/Tablet : Android OS -

Price: Free

Order Furbo today and download our dog watching app so you can see, talk to and toss treats to your precious pup from anywhere using your phone! Whether you are in another room or another country, Furbo app lets you stay connected.

If you’re using IP Webcam on an Android device, you have a few options. You can view your smartphone’s video feed using VLC, Windows Media Player, or any video player with streaming compatibility. If you’re using VLC, go to Media Open Network Stream, and enter the URL to your remote camera. Once you’ve entered the URL, you can connect and see through your smartphone’s camera. Sadly, you can’t record footage very well with VLC for that, you’ll want to opt for more powerful software.

So, which one is better? The FLIR One seems more polished, but it is also bulkier and more expensive. If you just need an IR camera, the Seek Thermal is cheaper and will get the job done (at a higher resolution). If you have an Android phone, you should probably go with the Seek Thermal (since there isn't a FLIR One for Android). Oh, if you have the iPhone 6 or 6+, the Seek Thermal is your only choice right now since the FLIR One is a case-based camera and only fits the iPhone 5 and 5s. I guess the Seek Thermal would also work on the iPad, but I didn't test this since my iPad is the older kind with the non-lightning connector.

Note: You will need to give IP Webcam complete control of your Android phone’s camera for this to work, meaning no other apps can use the camera while IP Webcam is running. Once the app is running, set up your smartphone wherever you want to monitor, plug it into an AC adapter, and move on to the instructions below.

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If you’re itching to keep an eye on someone (or someplace), but have a limited budget to work with, fear not. We’re in the second decade of the 76st century. You don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive equipment to spy or monitor an area anymore — though, some of the best home security cameras are more affordable than you might think. These days, all you need is a smartphone you’re currently not using. With a few bucks, an iPhone or Android device, a charger, and some tape or a tripod for mounting purposes, you can monitor whatever you want. Here’s how to do it.