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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom ranks her top five favorite TV couples. Plus, The IMDb Show explores the sometimes lavish trailers used by your favorite celebs.

Shimmer und Shine Ganze Episoden, Videos und Spiele auf Nick Jr.

Peanut (the big brother), Jelly (his sister), and Baby Butter (their baby sister) Otter live on a houseboat on the shore of Lake Hoohaw, along with all of their friends. Whenever they get. See full summary »

: Shimmer and Shine: Friendship Divine: Alina Foley

Leah and Zac want to twirl, leap, and reenact their new favorite ballet, Swan Lake, but they clearly lack the grace of professional ballet dancers. Leah wishes to be a ballerina like the Swan Queen.

As the girls search for Leah's lost necklace, an underground creature finds it and begins making wishest. After Zac wishes to stay in Zahramay Falls forever, the kids search for a powerful genie to reverse the wish.

The girls meet a genie with the power to change hairstyles, but Zeta's determined to take the power for herself. The girls travel to a magic garden, where they meet a Flitter Genie and shrink down to her size to explore.

The girls visit the carpet vendor to fix their carpet, while Zeta and Nazboo plan to take some magic thread. Zeta and Nazboo tell the girls the fun story of how they first met, but their facts don't quite match up.

Шайн и Шиммер довольно долго просидели в волшебной лампе, поэтому о современной жизни они знают не так уж много. Именно потому многие их фокусы оборачиваются забавными происшествиями. Джины поступают так вовсе не специально. Порой они не могут толком выполнить желание Леи, потому что плохо себе представляют его предмет. Например, однажды Лее понадобилась помощь в постройке дома. В мультсериале Шиммер и Шайн мы увидим, что же вышло и сестричек.

When Leah's party food accidentally gets run over by Zac, Leah needs to figure out what else to bring fast. Leah asks her genies for more Pigs in a Blanket, but the genies give her real pigs wrapped in a blanket!

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