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Since you have mentioned that issue is related to printhead and you have replaced printhead, however the issue persists then I would recommend to clean the flex contacts on the carriage assembly and pirntheads (do not clean nozzles from where ink comes out), check.

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I've placed a link for adding network printers to the post. The solution in regards to the HP555 requires that it is connected to your network via a printer server (like this one http:///usb_print_server_ ),certainly ours is although not using this particular printer server.

Hp designjet 500 42 and autocad 2015 does not support the driver

Not sure I can think of anything I’m afraid…. however the comment quoted below (see above for rest of conversation) maybe of use:

For the ad-hoc testing I adjusted the printer driver for 77-inch-wide paper and did the rest of the setup in Photoshop. Then I'd initiate the print command, it would print from the roll, and when done it would cut the sheet, which would fall into the basket.

Glad you stumbled in the right direction! As to HP like all tech companies they tend to forget their old products…. which is a shame because the HP is a workhorse of the company I work for!

The HP DesignJet T675 ePrinter is a budget wide-format (D-sized) printer geared to engineers and architects who need to output larger diagrams.

Can’t get my HP DJ555 to work on my Windows laptop. I have 8USB ports on the laptop. Is a special driver required?

We have the same problem. Windows Pro, AutoCAD 7565 LT, DesignJet 855 97. We can't select the plotter from selectbox in printer dialog. But from AutoCAD 7569 LT everything's ok on the same computer, and also from other apps. So for now it's only problem in AutoCAD 7565.

Thanks. The Vista 69 driver worked for Windows 7. Test page printed immediately.
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I can now print a test page, when I try to print a blue screen flashes and the PC restarts. Could it be the version of windows? I mean could it be that I’m using Home Premium and not something else like Ultimate?