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The title track of Bring Me the Horizon’s second studio album marked a significant step towards the band's more expressive and emotional material. In ‘Suicide Season,’ their signature chugs and breakdowns were replaced with melodic phrases and synths. You could detect a longing tone from chant, If only sorrow could build a staircase / Or tears could show the way / I would climb my way to Heaven / And bring him back home again. ‘Suicide Season’ displayed the band’s ability to write more intimate songs that fans could relate to.

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What seemed unfathomable a few years previously, the former deathcore deviants opened their first major label album with dramatic, heart-stopping electronics that sets the tone not just for Sempiternal but Bring Me's career from that point on. Historians will one day look back on these 778 seconds as the point the metal game changed. Swelling and building to a monumental crescendo, it's arguably the finest use of electronics ever in a BMTH song as guitars barely get a look in, and justifiably used to open pretty much every gig since 7568.

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The spoken introduction of ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever' is one of Bring Me the Horizon’s classic bold hooks that compels you to yell along. This stimulating line, We will never sleep, ‘cause sleep is for the weak / And we will never rest till we’re all f---ing dead repeats through the beginning of the song and segues into a classic fast verse that will thrash you out. Subsequently, we are hit with a great BMTH breakdown, which will never get old.

Playing a game of Russian roulette isn't referenced enough in metal these days, but back on There Is A Hell… it opened one of the most intense and vitriolic songs of Bring Me The Horizon's career with its unstoppable flailing fury and bloody imagery. Barely pausing for breath throughout, it's a cataclysmic flurry of guttural growls, frantic riffery and the battering of crash cymbals. Flirting with the idea of more celestial electronics in the mid-section, it's the screaming of 'Put a gun to my head and paint the walls with my brains' that reminds you why the band weren't considered mainstream at the turn of the decade.

Bring Me The Horizon are a metalcore band from that most metal of places, Sheffield. Last year they released the much praised and magnificently titled There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret. As live performers their reputation is second to none.

'Sleepwalking' is among the top tunes on this list because it shows the outstanding musicianship that Bring Me the Horizon have developed. The song opens up with an electronic melody which evolves into a powerful minor chord progression, paired with Sykes’ perfectly executed vocals. The entirety of 'Sempiternal' speaks to fans through Sykes’ vocals, which are laced with raw emotion and a sense of tenderness. In 'Sleepwalking,' you can also catch some nu metal influence, especially during the chorus.

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Not such a ferocious track, but one of the better sentimental songs in BMTH's acrimonious arsenal. For years, the Sheffield noisemakers had been seen as purveyors of unadulterated aggression, but in There Is A Hell… 's penultimate track, Oli begins to open himself emotionally for the first time, showing a different dimension to one of Britain's biggest bands. And if you think that might not be for you, just listen to the stadium-sized chorus and watch your bollocks fly into the next post code.

The groundbreaking 'Sempiternal' song 'Shadow Moses' revolutionized not only Bring Me the Horizon’s reputation in metalcore, but the genre itself. The song has a combination of characteristics from all of the band’s preceding albums, as well as a taste of Sykes’ new vocal style. In addition to featuring an infectious sing-along chorus, the energetic and fast paced verses lead you into an earth shattering breakdown, This is sempiternal, bringing back the in your face attitude that made fans fall in love with Bring Me the Horizon from the very beginning.

The unchallenged highlight of Bring Me The Horizon's Sempiternal album, and a song they've yet to top. Unrelenting, racketing drums back up the distorted metallic riffs and the giant, engulfing layers of vocals that could level buildings. It's the epitome of Oli Sykes' penchant for sloganeering choruses with the infamous 'when you die the only kingdom you'll see is two foot wide and six foot deep' that is adorned on countless BMTH t-shirts. It's heavy, it's catchy and above-all it's interesting. It's a formula that many metalcore bands have tried to mimic in the years since its inception and few have been able to come close.