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Глубокий химический пилинг для лица

Pixelmon Mod / (Pokemon in Minecraft)

If you're going to link to my mod from somewhere, I would really prefer it if you linked to this post rather than directly to the download. This way the user can download an updated version and read about the mod a little bit.

Скачать крутые моды для Minecraft

This mod increases the amount of chat lines you can scroll up from 655 to 65,555. Great for getting screenshots of chat you might have missed!?

Mods for liteloader - lightweight mod loader for minecraft

You may distribute my mod with the original links, and only the original links, on any website or forum you wish. You may not download and then re-upload my mod to any site without my written permission. If you feature my mod in a video, you must include a link back to this page.

The Squake Mod has one specific purpose in mind: to add the movement styles found in old classic games such as Quake and Half-Life to the world of Minecraft! If you’re not familiar with those games, they used to be …

Integration with vanilla screenshots, allowing you to take screenshots normally with F7. In-game screenshot manager with GUI, and the ability to take HUGE screenshots like back in early Beta.

VoxelGet is a lightweight, sleek looking item picker tool for creative builders and server admins. VoxelGet provides a quick and easy way to issue give commands on creative servers. Featuring helpful item sorting and searching functionality, and an easy-to-use interface as well as built-in item blacklist functionality to allow admins to lock down available items to a pre-set list.

Click here to find all the downloads for the releases we still host on our download servers. Please note that some releases on this list are no longer supported.

If you’ve ever wanted the infamous motion tracker from aliens in another game, then you are in luck! The Aliens Motion Tracker Mod adds the tracker to Minecraft, where you can use it to detect any danger in your proximity. …

Change the way potions are rendered and colored, for use with server plugins like McMMO or other plugins which give access to more advanced potion functionality.

If updating, check you have only one set of Galacticraft files in the mods folder! Detailed Installation Configuration and Troubleshooting guide