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Глубокий химический пилинг для лица

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Engraved with Yggrasil, the World Tree of Norse mythology whose roots reach the bottom of the world and whose branches touch the tip of the sky, this amulet will ensure you always know how high or deep you are. The Amulet can be bought from the Viking merchant at the market.

Моды для Майнкрафт | Minecraft

The main aim of the villagers is to improve their village. There is between six and ten initial villagers, but their number will grow as they have children and build new houses. They can also build new types of buildings and improve existing ones. For this they need building materials: wood, cobblestone, glass and stone. They can acquire the resources needed themselves or by trading from the player. There are four different types of villages, each with a slightly different set of buildings upon completion.

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Gros Bourgs host only advanced buildings. They can have up to three hamlets surrounding them (depending on space available) and depend entirely on these hamlets for agricultural and construction goods. They start with a fort, two guardhouses, and an inn, and can be surrounded by an artisanal hamlet, agricultural hamlet, and/or ecclesiastical hamlet.

The fifth Culture added to Millénaire was designed by Ticlon. The skillful Byzantines are the last remnants of the once great Roman Empire. Besides making wine from and farming silk to make expensive icons, they also use tiles to recreate the legendary architecture of their ancestors. There are religious, military and retail-based villages. This culture has dialogue for the villagers to speak when they aren't busy.

To trade, players must go to one of the locations in question and stand near the chests. If no woman is around one will arrive shortly. Right-click on her to bring up the trade screen.

The third culture added to Millénaire, the Mayans were designed by MinerMiah. They live in military, agricultural, or religious villages and build huge stone and cobblestone structures. They can grow corn, from which they make Mayan food: Masa (corn tortillas) and Wah (a tortilla wrapped in chicken meat). They also create great Mayan sculptures and ornamental gold blocks with which to decorate their palaces and temples. This culture has dialogue for residents to speak, when they are not busy.

The Japanese Culture is the fourth to be added to Millénaire. The Japanese have military, religious, or agricultural villages. Agricultural villages have either the usual farms or a sake brewery. Japanese buildings are very detailed and stunning, using paper walls and Timber frames. They farm Rice to make the food Udon and farm Wheat to make Thatch. They also have very good weapons such as the Tachi Sword, as well as two sets of armour. Japanese are from the Heian Period of Japan's History and are known as the Heian people.

Equipped with a mighty fort and led by an as mighty centurios this villages focus on the production of tools. Starts with the fort, an architect's house, two lumberman's huts, two groves and a fisherman's hut.

This famous Norman dish is just the thing to have after a long time spent working outside in the cold, or after a nasty Minecraft fall. It heals five hearts and can be used three times.

This amulet dedicated to Odin will warn you of incoming danger by lighting up if an unnatural creature is near. Useful to avoid them - or to seek them out. The Amulet can be bought from the Viking merchant at the market. It has a colored circle in the center. The color gradually changes as mobs get nearer, from light blue (like diamond items) to bright red.