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Глубокий химический пилинг для лица

Dragon Egg Replicator Mod for Minecraft

Some chems have been added as well, to use them right click. For some stat boosting chems, like psycho, there will be a varying percent chance that you become addicted. To remove addiction, use the chem Fixer, which unfortunately is unobtainable right now. Antivenom behaves a little differently than the other chems, for some reason it can only be consumed in non-creative game modes. It will remove the potion effects of poison, confusion and weakness.

[TFC ] Cellars Addon - Addons & Applications

The Fallout Mod is based off of the video game Fallout New Vegas in which the world is in a post nuclear apocalypse. This mod adds in radation, chemicals, diseases, realistic weapons, and much more to Minecraft. It adds new ways to fight mobs within your world.

Rival Rebels

just check the post over, he said that it is not changing the decay rate but the temperature, and as we should all know, decay rate is slower at low temperature.

Have you ever wanted your house to be resistant to creeepers. This little mod is giving you such a adds various blocks and equipment resistant to explosions and unbreakable for normal items – you have to use the armoured hammer. Of course it is possible to configure it, you can make that every item would be able to harvest blocks from mod, there is a possibility of turning off the resistance to explosions. It adds also some extra stuff (module) like secured safe, hidden doors and buttons (more in the future).

Most blocks:

RadAway and RadX: Now that radiation is in the game, you need to be careful what you eat and drink. RadAway will remove an amount of radiation, amount displayed on the item, and Rad-X will increase your radiation resistance for two minutes.

I'd make the point that a snow golem can provide unlimited snow all year round, making the use of snow blocks quite exploitable.

Just to know, the pattern of the cellar is that precise one in size the shape? we can't build a bigger cellar am i right? that is only for info, i don't even know what a single person (in single player) would do with 755kg of food eheh..

The cellar is 9 height blocks structure. To build you will need Cellar Wall blocks, Cellar Shelf blocks, 6 Ice Bunker and 7 Cellar Doors.
The maximum inner size of the cellar is 7x7x7.
Place an Ice Bunker block and place up to 9 cellar wall block at row on each side of the ice bunker block. The maximum distance between a wall and an ice bunker block is 8.

Small suggestion, perhaps make this register 5x5 internal spaces as well as barrels as valid storage units? barrels have long been a valid means of storage for many things in cold rooms.

Unbreakable safe secured by player id. This block behaves like normal chest but can only be destroyed by owner. Additionally, only owner can open it and use it. It is good way to protect your items. Owner can also use command “ /bm-add ” or “ /bm-remove ” to give or take away player permission to open it. If player is not online above commands can’t be used because players now can change their nicks and mod use id to authorize, not nicks. Then owner have to use “ /bm-add-by-id ” or “ /bm-remove-by-id ” to modify given permissions. To see information (nick, id) about users of safe you can use “ /bm-info “. There is also avalible help command in game “ /bm-help “.