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I have a almost the same issue, works fine if backpacks are given with command but crafted backpacks won't assign an ID and are therefore useless. built with buildtools.

Backpacks Mod / (Improve Inventory Management

В игре появится возможность скрафтить 68 новых предметов, не считая новые ингредиенты. Мод Backpacks предлагает на выбор рюкзаки всех цветов и оттенков, карманы для расширения имеющихся ранцев и ранец эндера, способный взаимодействовать с сундуком. Для создания нового предмета понадобится лишь кожа, нитки и печь. Отправляйтесь в поход и переносите блоки для постройки целого дома. Предлагаем скачать мод на рюкзаки для Майнкрафт // и забыть про беготню с предметами и хранение вещей в сундуках.

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Pressing ‘p’ from a permission interface will bring up your own permission list which allows you to see all items you have permission for and can be used to change the permissions for items you don’t have access to (like if somebody stole your backpack).

There are several backpacks created by mixing items from plants or mobs. Three will fill with useful fluids depending on what you desire. Cactus Backpacks will fill the tanks with water either when it’s raining or if you’re in water with it. Melon backpacks will fill with melon juice in the same conditions. And the cow backpack fills with milk if you keep a steady supply of wheat in it’s inventory. These are all great to keep an ample supply of liquids on you at all times.

I just wanna say that the latest version is so amazing, especially as a modpack creator. Being able to define a custom size using NBT is awesome, i can use that to give out better backpacks for better quests.

Players can used linked backpacks to break into chests protected by Lockette. Please disable the crafting of linked backpacks if you wish to prevent this.

I have a tier 7 backpack that I want to dye and it's not working. I have the backpack in the crafting table with a dye to the right of it and it won't dye the item.

This mod requires Forge, you can get it from here

Minecraft : Download version here
Minecraft : Download version here
Minecraft : Download version here
Minecraft : Download version here
Minecraft : Download version here
Minecraft : Download version here
Minecraft : Download version here

For some reason I cant open the backpack! I’m using and I have right clicked it and done everything I can. I can do the shift b and it opens the special slot. I put a backpack in that slot and whnever i press b it opens of y inventory and it says at the top ‘backpack inventory’ and then it says inventory underneath and shows my inventory. please help!

Adds customizable backpacks that can be accessed from almost any GUI.
Screenshots can be found here
More information can be found at its Minecraft Forum thread, please leave any comments or bug reports there.