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Dokucraft, The Saga Continues

Forge Relocation is another mod that was designed to work with ProjectRed, but can be used independently. It adds a way to move blocks from one place to another. Its universal API can be used by any modder to easily add support for their blocks. A plugin for FMP is provided as an example for other modders to base their plugins on.

Advent of Ascension Wiki

Titan Mode: Recipes are harder to deal with than before. Prepare yourself to learn new ways to go through Project Ozone 7.

[] Who's your Daddy Minecraft Map+Modpack Single-Multiplayer

Mekanism and MDK- Aidancbrady- http:///forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/6789686-mekanism-v8-6-6-fusion-reactors-5x-ore-duplication

This is still a work in progress modpack. In the first few builds some mods may be missing. This will be fix in the next few updates. I am also working on making the pack run smoother.

Kappa Mode: Recipes are a lot worse to deal with than before. Prepare yourself to learn new ways to go through Project Ozone 7.

Here are some links you might find useful. You can contact the developers for technical support through a PM on Minecraft Forums or on IRC. Be sure to check the FAQ before asking.

ProjectE originally used its own textures, however after community vote and permission from x8n5ph5b8, original developer of Equivalent Exchange 7, ProjectE now uses original EE7 textures.

ProjectE is a magic mod in development by sinkillerj. It is an open-source remake of Equivalent Exchange 7, released for Minecraft . It allows users to transmute materials into other materials, using various items and machines. It adds a system known as Energy-Mass Currency, or EMC, which is used to represent the values of items. This value differs from item to item, and is used in determining how much of one material another requires. EMC can also be stored and produced through other means. EMC is also used by certain blocks and items to carry out powerful effects.

To add the pack to the Technic Launcher click on the Technic Launcher link. When the page loads hover over the INSTALL THIS MODPACK button. Copy the link that shows up into the search box on the Technic Launcher.

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