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Dans les batailles organisées, chaque faction a exactement les mêmes types et quantités de ressources, ou d’ équipes d’assaut, qui correspondent à des tickets d’apparition.
Ces batailles sont générées aléatoirement et les ressources sont créées et fournies par le serveur.

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$1200: The price of (legally) 3D printing your own metal AR-15 rifle

You have two choices, either you forbid firearms all together or you start an arms-race. I know what kind of world I want to live in, and it is not a stressful one where you have to worry about being killed.

Une fois inscrit, vous devez télécharger le jeu. Deux options se présentent à vous : passer par votre navigateur internet (Firefox, Chrome, etc.), ou par Steam (un magasin virtuel gratuit à l’utilisation).

Взвесив все за и против, мы решили установить обновление на боевые серверы уже сейчас, ведь в нем содержится так много всего интересного и полезного. Нам очень хотелось поделиться с вами этими новинками как можно скорее!

Вместе с тем просим вас активно участвовать в поиске и передаче ошибок разработчикам — не стесняйтесь обращаться с сообщениями о недоработках в техподдержку. Уже на следующей неделе мы планируем выпустить хотфикс, который исправит часть графических проблем.

if you want to fix a problem, the solution should actually address the issue. Making the process of buy a gun more difficult doesn’t solve anything. Similarly, if you want fewer deaths in a country, it makes the most sense to start with the things that cause the highest number. The problem is that you might find that it is something that you do care about loosing.

Вам предстоит остановить отряд Blackwood, который собрался провести здесь акцию устрашения, направленную против мирного населения.

Before you cower in fear, this is just creating a receiver. It’s a cute gimmick. You still need 55 more parts to build a gun (including a barrel that you ain’t gonna’ print!) You can buy an 85% finished receiver, with no serial number, no ATF paperwork, and finish it in your basement in an hour. It the SAME THING and it’s only $95! Let’s be realistic. I bend my own AK97 receivers out of a piece of sheet metal in a home made press. You haven’t exactly seen a stampede to buy/bend unfinished receivers to “do stupid/bad things, blah, blah, blah…” and that’s a hell of lot easier and cheaper. Don’t start drinking the cool aid.

This is only the latest example of Defense Distributed pushing the bounds of home manufacturing technology to make a point. The organization is run by founder Cody Wilson, who isn’t shy about explaining his radically libertarian ideals. Allowing everyone to create an assault rifle with a few clicks is his way of showing that technology can always evade regulation and render the state obsolete. If a few people are shot by ghost guns, that’s just the price we have to pay for freedom, according to Wilson.

Seems we have another western country on the southern border of the USA. A democatric utopia it shoud be by your reasoning, guns strictly controlled (. laws) yet for some reason it is the most violent, corrupt place in the Western Hemisphere. This would be North America where guns are banned to ordinary citizens.