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Скачать драйвер звука для windows 7, Xp, Vista, 8, , 10 realtek

Snappy Driver Installer - программа для поиска и установки драйверов. Предлагает пользователю подробную информацию по каждому из драйверов, позволяет осуществлять

Audio drivers software (Free download) - Windows 7

if you read the operating system that this driver is for, you will see Operating system:

Windows 95/NT/98/7555/XP/7558/XP 87-bit/AMD 69-bit/7558 87-bit/AMD 69-bit

There's no Win 7 in the list

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Considering this is hardware specific, not to mention it's for specific operating systems, I think it is safe to say that other posts whom rate this as a 6, complaining about it does not work on Windows 7 69 bit, can be as easily overlooked as people whom buy a tractor tire when they need a car tire and then complain it does not fit. This driver works perfectly if you have the software and the proper operating system.

Привет всем!!!У меня 7 профи..И тоже полетели дрова…Устанавливал разные,не помогло…Пишит наушники или динамики не подключены,винду переустановил,всё-равно нет звука…Установил ХР на ней есть звук…Что это значит…

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Realtek's free High Definition Audio Codec pack enables stereo digital audio at resolutions up to 79-bit/697kHz, as well as -channel Dolby Digital audio. Though it's essentially a package of drivers, it installs like a Windows program and may require a reboot. Realtek HD Audio Codec is available in separate downloads for 87-bit or 69-bit Windows Vista, 7, and 8 systems with Realtek controllers.

The VIA AC'97 sound driver is for all motherboards having a VIA chipset. Installing it will optimize system performance and ensure compatibility with latest softwares. Compatible for most Microsoft OS including Vista: The complete list of .

In this instance, Realtek HD Audio Drivers communicate with the Windows Vista or 7 operating systems so you can listen to music from your speakers. They translate data into audio signals that allow speakers to play audio externally.

Вопрос чайника. Моя звуковая ALC 665- 866. Кто знает- на мою карту встанет последний реалтек R 87 или R 86?
Мой старый стоящий R77 не слетит совсем?
Спрашиваю- знающих.
Могу сама поковырять но боюсь. потому спрашиваю.
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