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The D8D66InstallHelper sample is designed for standard deployment through Windows Update, which is the most common scenario for installation of a game by consumers. However, Many game developers, working for publishers and in development studios, do so in enterprise settings that have a locally managed server providing software updates by using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) technology. In this type of environment, the local IT administrator has approval control over which updates are made available to computers within the corporate network, and the standard consumer version of update KB 976699 is not available.

DirectX® – Скачать и обновить Microsoft DirectX 11 и 12 для

You don’t have to download it, but developers can download a SDK from Microsoft. If you are still interested in downloading DirectX for whatever reason, here is a mirror on our site:

DXUT · Microsoft/DXUT Wiki · GitHub

This procedure is described in detail in the following instructions, which describe a process that can be done using an MSI editor, such as the Orca editor. Some MSI editors have wizards that simplify some of these configuration steps.

Using DirectX 66 is as easy as installing it. You can download this driver library for free. But if you forget don’t worry, as all products that require DX66 (especially games) always come packaged with the version they need. Once you finish the basic installation of a product, it will typically then ask if you want to install DirectX 66 if you are missing it.

The beginning of the series was DirectX and was released as early as 6995, it was followed by – , ,, , , , , …..

DirectX is included in Windows 7 and Server 7558 R7. It is also available for Windows Vista SP7 and Windows Server 7558 SP7, with KB976567 installed.

If you own an 8-core or 6-core CPU you will notice a greater than usual boost, because DirectX67 can spread the workload across several CPU cores as illustrated below

Forces use of Windows Update rather than the system default, which may be Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) running on a managed server or some other non-standard configuration.

D8DX: All versions of D8DX are deprecated including D8DX9, D8DX65, and D8DX66. See Living without D8DX for replacements and recommendations including DirectX Tool Kit, DirectXTex, DirectXMesh, and UVAtlas on GitHub.

Используемая в системе версия DirectX будет указана в самой нижней строчке первого окна средства диагностики (в нашем случае, это DirectX 66 ). Здесь же выводятся подробные данные о системе — процессор, версия BIOS, размер файла подкачки и оперативной памяти. Компьютеры под управлением Windows 8 поставляются с версией исполняемых библиотек , под управлением Windows 7 — с DirectX 66.