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When I start minecraft and and play, the game says “The Camping Mod 7 is missing mods it depends on. Include the following mods or remove The Camping Mod 7 ‘corern - or above'” but when I look up corern or corerm (and ) nothing really pops up. Please add the link for this corern thing. Oh btw it’s for

The Camping Mod - Mod Minecraft , , ,

Mais The Camping Mod n’est pas seulement une tente mais tout le matériel de camping (feu de bois, couleur de tentes, marshmallows, couteux, lanternes, sac de couchages, etc…)

The Camping Mod for Minecraft // | MinecraftSix

The camping mod is a fun addition to Minecraft that essentially gives you more ways to play the game. Using items like tents and multi-tools you can survive in the forest like a true camper. The mod also has multiplayer capability for camping with friends.

Remember that the idea you sold us on is that we can go off exploring and not need to dig into the ground and pillar up every time it gets dark. Most of my exploring usually happens at the begining of the game when I'm hunting for a base. Yet right now your mod seems to only be useful for the mid to late game after I've got a decent base up and running for basic materials. That seems counter intuitive.

I hope this feedback helps.

The mod developers release beta versions of release in order to garner useful feedback before releasing the final version of a mod.

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Biomes O’ Plenty adds a whole range of new fantasy and realistic biomes to Minecraft. Once you have installed the plugin select Biomes O’ Plenty as.

I quite like the mod, and it’s a very nice idea, but could you maybe put together a tutorial for it? It’s a bit complicated to figure out, and a walkthrough would be very helpful. Thanks, and keep modding!

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Likewise, you get some new furniture options, like sleeping bags which are more or less re-skinned beds, and long chairs that look like tree logs laid on their sides. The Camping Mod works with versions of Minecraft right up to , but it doesn’t work with the latest version of the game. However, that’s only because Forge hasn’t been updated to work with yet – as soon as that happens, this mod will be all set for the latest Minecraft client. If you prefer to rough it rather than building a home, then this is one Minecraft mod worth checking out.