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ну там видешь папку Versions и mods из этой папки versions перекидиваешь в свою папку versions и создаёшь mods а потом из этой папки mods перекидиваешь в свою папку mods и ??? профит

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I know this is going to sound redundant and a bit annoying but..we can we expect an update for this for of mc as well as the same update for morph?

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You are so cool me and my husband seen all most all your videos and we love you and we also love watching you and red play as well hope to see more cool videos later on.

Could you tell us the seed for this series, whether it’s the original seed or when you copy and pasted your world in a new seed?

Dear IhasCupquake,
I really love the videos you are doing,did
you like make yourself into a anime character if u did please tell me how you did it because I was really wondering and I wanted to make one that looked like me,if you didn’t its OK if u can get the info for who did it for you that will be so hope you reply,thank you,bye.
Sincerely, One of your subs,
Ally Ramos

You are allowed to include the mods in any mod pack, as long as you provide the necessary credit. My name and a link to this blog or the mod topic (if this blog is unavailable) is fine.

the only think wrong is that not everything works. If they did, then it would be great.
And I’m a harry potter geek so…

Hi I love your series so far, I wanted to ask you this question can you please make the texture pack you are using pubic I would love to so it! You and Red did a really good job on the texture pack !

hey i love your game play and husband vs wife and i love the anamation of terrible mum i would love to see more of that i ove you dont change anything about you good luck on the teen awards

Quake I’ve been here for a really long time and I simply can’t wait for all the adventures You’re going to have! X love you Thijs