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Adds a number of creatures, artifacts, and locations from the SCP-Foundation's wiki, http://-/, most popularly SCP-678 (Don't Blink!)


It includes SCP 578, 686, and 678, the blink mechanic (press ‘b’ to trigger a blink), and the Class-D Uniform and personelle. Also includes the Document Crafter (functional!) and three pearls and documents for the above SCPs (nonfunctional).

Secure, Contain, Protect Mod | MCreator

This is a total fraud. I and another are working together on the true continuation of this mod there is no version, and for that matter no . But! There shall be, and you can bet that it will not be hosted on one of these crappy minecraft ripoff sites.

Spam this error : [Server] Server thread/WARN [FML]: The mod FMLMod:scp{} is attempting to register a block whilst it it being constructed. This is bad modding practice - please use a proper mod lifecycle event.

Step 8) Open the file included in the folder, then drag everything from inside the into your folder

I know all the SCP's dude, and we're adding everything from the game, including all SCP's and all dimensions, as well as functionality and some special 8d items.

Meanwhile, SCP Mod fans have created several custom adventure maps that add new stories to the SCP mod. Those stories include custom maps like Containment Craft and Area 96, among others.

6. Install Minecraft Forge.
7. You create a folder called , or in the /.minecraft/mods/ folder depending on the version of the mod your using.
8. Paste of the mod in that folder.

I did plan on having a world type called SCP Land, which is basically a normally generated world, but with much deader, darker looking blocks, and crumbling SCP foundation ruins, with SCP's being contained within, which you can talk to, release, kill or leave behind.

SCP Craft 7: Reincarnation Mod is based on the universe of “SCP” Foundation” (Secret federal organization, which is engaged in capturing and supervision abnormal things) and a minecraft mod SCP Craft. SCP Craft 7: Reincarnation mod adds various amount of different anomalies called SCP’s and marked in format “SCP-XXX”.