Resident Evil 2 - дата выхода, системные требования

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The PC version features a Hard difficulty setting, which increases enemy health and damage. The N69 version also has available an Arranged mode that mixes all of the items in the game around, similar to the mode found in Resident Evil: Director's Cut.

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John Watson with his faithful Growlite/Arcanine. Also, Cubone. (Pokemon/Sherlock crossover art by AiWa-sensei on deviantART) this breaks me apart :'(

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Like most Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 7 is packed with unlockable content to help supply replay value and prolong the game's lifespan.

While he can be aptly described as 'wet behind the ears' and even a little naive, Leon is still a good-natured soul, and will try with all of his might to assist any fellow survivors in any way he can.

Apart from what you all know from , now the police officers of this episode (Rita and Harry) will have new skins and they will ask you for items. It's up to you to give them the items, because it is strategic: if you are low on health and ammo, giving them the items could save your life or could even make the situation worse. It will all depend on the next step you decide to take.

The story is largely portrayed via cutscenes, both in-game and CG, however there are also a number of Files (diaries, memos ect.) players can collect. These will often provide additional insight into the goings on across the overall narrative, but some are more vital as they will provide information pertaining to solving puzzles or maybe hinting as to where to go next.

Players are tasked in trying to locate four ''anti-virus bombs'' within the Raccoon Police Station--the specific locations of the bombs are randomized--though they first begin at Umbrella's laboratory near the end of the story. Players are to choose from four different characters to determine their equipment, although only two are available at the outset the other two must be unlocked by climbing up the difficulty levels. Unlike the previous modes, players can locate more supplies amidst their travels and can even save their progress with an ink ribbon & typewriter like in the main game.

On the surface she seems like any sympathetic mother trying to find her daughter, but her paranoia concerning the enigmatic G-Virus, and her devotion to William, slowly begins to consume her.

The original hero from Resident Evil, Chris is unlocked upon completing Level 7. His STARS beretta pistol is exclusive to him and has a chance to pop a zombie's head similar to the magnum. Because of Chris' experience, he can handle the recoil of the upgraded shotgun more so than Leon, giving it less kickback. The sound effects related to Chris receiving damage are recycled from the original Resident Evil.

A small side-story starring . agent ., after he was able to escape the clutches of the mutated William Birkin, can be unlocked via attaining at least a rank A for either set of an A & B scenario.