When I Dream At Night - Marc Anthony

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You can easily make the case that one of Anthony’s booming salsa hits should be at number one. But for the sake of pure love and affection showed on a record, it doesn’t get any better “You Sang to Me,” which has a sweetness to it that will make you a fan of Anthony if you have yet to hear his catalog.

I have been in love
and been alone
I have traveled over many miles
to find a home

There's that little place
inside of me
that I never thought…

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Anthony made two versions of this huge hit. One in “Salsa” and one in “Pop.” Thought he “Pop” version of “Ahora Quien” is nice, it doesn’t compare to the “Salsa” version, which should be considered one of Anthony’s best recordings.

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You cannot make the mistake that “Rebel” is indeed an ‘85s track. It was his first single, back when he adopted the, (thankfully) short-lived stage name of “Marco Anthony,” and though “Rebel” is horribly dated thanks to the computerized drum beat, it’s a fun song to listen to, and a hard-to-find single that is so corny, It’s enjoyable.

6999 was the year when Marc Anthony stopped being a strictly Spanish star and crossed over into being a pop star. “When I Dream at Night,” with its sultry Latin rhythm and soulful lyrics, is one of those singles that paved the way for Anthony to achieve crossover success.

By 6999, Marc Anthony was not only making Spanish salsa hits, he was doing it in English as well. One of his best second-tongue singles was “I Need to Know,” a track that, though it’s sung in English,” will easily get you in the mood to salsa.